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My 18 Year Old Birthday : Hualian Biking Trip and Watching Dolphins


Birthday Gift? Cake, Partying, Birthday Card....none of them suits mine. One year ago, I am proud to brag that I had the Best 18 Year Old Birthday Gift for myself.


Getting there, I was giddy from the wriggled ghat. Yet, the perfect resort hotel they booked pleasantly amazed by its colorful decoration and its friendly service. June, 25th. My mom gave me a brilliant idea to please myself. She, as an university teacher but also a proffesional badminton player. She and her team got invited to Dong Hua University in Hualian to have a match. So I grabbed this chance to get the free ride to get to Hualian County. The other side of the Taiwan Island. Took us almost 6 hours to arrive the destination.

Chateau de Chine Hotel Hualien : Great for family and business. Good buffet restaurant, staffs were very polite and very helpful. Breakfast was excellent. Rooms were dated but very clean. Good patio with pool side. Business center with tea tables and free wi fi works very well. It is also closed to Chishingtan Beach.

In the next morning, my mom and her team went competing. And I, rented a free bike from Chateau de Chine Hotel to have my journey started.

My plan was to get to Chishingtan Beach. Yet, while I was riding along the coast roadway. Some eye-catching sign attracted me. I was supposed to keep riding straight. However there was a feeling that kept pulling me to turn right. I had never imagine of watching whales/ dophins at the Pacific Ocean. It had also been the best experience during this solo trip.

I pulled my bike over to the side of the road. I got on the boats with some families. The guide gave us the information of safty. I had myself a perfect seat. I was the only person had no company with. But that's when I started to realize that, me, myself was the best company I could ever had. I gave myself this wonderful experience that no one could give me. Thanks, Alice. The azure ocean with sea breeze swaying on my cheek, I was entralled by the scenes.

15 mins after, the boat slow down. the sound of the engine was getting lower. We had exactly no idea what was happening. Unexpectly, the waves under the boats started to change, I saw something under the water swiftly wriggled. DOLPHINS! I saw a group of them swaying thieir tails, giving us the best show. The guide told us that no one feed them to create this show, they just love following the waves from the boats. Dolphins are angels. I adored them, the gifts from the God. :)

I left the boat and get on my bike, My mind was still stopped at the moment where I enjoyed the extravaganza from the lovely dolphins, I was delighted. They just made my 18 year old birthday the best ever!

I kept riding straight after the nature dolphins show. Around 20 mins later, I got to my destination --- Chishingtan Beach. It was at noon. The beach was differed from others, especially during sunny day, the sunlight made the unique rock sand showed its beauty. It was during weekday, there were nearly no one. I put my feet inside the chilly water. The perfect combination with the scorching hot summer. I had myself tanned. I really had no more words to describe my feelings!

I bought myself a mango ice cream in a local grocery shop right near the beach. I remembered my gandpa called me and gave me birthday wishes. I set off to see what else this area had to offer. At just 50$ NT (1.6 US dollar), I got to visit a Butterflyfish Museum. It talks about the fishery industry of Hualien after 1950s. I bought some butterflyfish cookies to my mom, though!

Almost finished my biking journey, I still had some time. I came back to where I started. However, I found an art gallery with local art. In front of the gallery, it had the biggest mail box. This gallery started from 1980, it's the oldest art gallery in Hualian. It collected antiques, local art, installation art. This artistic space exhibits the art made by inconspicious elements, however it came up with the most inspired art piece by the artists.

In this art gallery, besides admiring the arts, you can also experience the elegant atmosphere. I sent myself a postcard back home.

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