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Talking About Hualian, Talking About Taroko Gorge

Taroko George to Hualian as Taipei 101 to Taipei. I have highly repect to this most grand imposing national park in Taiwan. Hualian is where people would love to take a long break from the cities. From the beaches to the mountains, from cliffs to gorge. It has everything. Amoung all of these, Taroko Gorge has been my Top 1 recommandation to visit this beautiful city --- Hualian.

It was during winter break, Alex, Laura and Jessie invited me to join their Hualian Trip. Hualian is another side from where I lived --- Taichung. Yet, the further, the better. I took a long way bus and train to get to Hualian City.

There were many trails in Taroko Gorge. We chose two of them as our destinations.

  • Baiyang Waterfall (round trip 4 km/2.4miles)

Before having our trip in Baiyang Waterfall Trail, We were curious about temple, a huge pagoda and the Buddhist status on the small hill just right in front of the bus station where the bus left us. I was like a toddler, fidgeting about what it had on the hill. Yet, we didn't stay for too long, I had some shots from the cherry blossoms, though.

Baiyang Waterfull Trail as its well-known waterful. Initially, we had to cross a tunnel carved into the cliff at the roadside. Inside the tunnel was super dark and wet on the ground, I could hear the waterdrop from the top of the tunnel. It was neccessary to use the flash light.

At the end of the tunnel, the trail continues. During the walk, I couldn't be more astonished by the magnificent view. The cliff connected to the gorge. The music of the stream was loud enough to have my mind enjoyed, it was a bless to experience the masterpiece by God.

An hour walk brought us to Baiyang Waterfall. A drawbridge with the naughty us jumping on. We were crazy about the view under the bridge. It was just crazy.

The path is wide and well maintained with a comfortable pavilion near the waterfall. Shuilien Tunnel, beyond Baiyang Waterfall. We got there withing 15 mins of walk. Baiyang Waterfall is a tunnel with curtain waterful inside. We borrow the raincoats from other travelers. We also took off our shoes to get it before our shoes get wet.

  • Yanzihkou (Swallow Grotto) Trail

Yanzihko Trail took us pretty short time to finish the trail. However, the rock cliffs seem to reach to the highest while the river runs its swiftest and the distance between the gorge walls so narrow that they almost seem to touch each other. There were also plenty of rock caves where we could hear our own echo.

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