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Artistic Empty Houses : A Laidback Afternoon in Guangfu Village

Guangfu Village is located in Wufeng, Taichung. The history of this village dates back to 1950s, Taichung government decided to move the citizens to the central of Taichung during the war so that the war couldn't destroy the government agoncies. So now the village became empty. But still few people decided to live here.


I went during the winter break, but it wasn't cold at all! The clearly sky with warm sun, I slowly started my exploration of this small town. Entralled by the leafy shade painted on the main road. I heard the clamour of some kids with tanned skin riding bikes along the way, they looked different from the kids in town with pale skin.

At first, there were some old people slowly meanderred around the big emty street. Suddenly, I slow down my steps, breathing the air, feeling like going back time. There were bus stops that was used back then.


With curiousness, I carefully stepped into one of the old building. It was mostly empty, but I could still figure out the locations of the living room, kitchen, or the dinning room. Obviously, this room in the picture could be someone's living room. Can you imagin how people live here 60 years ago?


Interestingly, the Taichung Government started to pay attention to this town, trying to rebuild. So they invited some local artists to decorate the town! The chairs with different topics, And when we talk about "local artists", some of them were actually elementary school kids. :)

Here is my favorite part of this town! After few mins walk into the town, some walls with red brinks catched my eyes.



The vintage building with red floor arm came up to me, I walked up the stairs, inside the building ususally has some art exhibitions from some universities students in Taiwan. Unfortunately, there was nothing when I got there.


Besides this creative building, there's much more going on. My inner art obsessed was getting stronger! Art lovers like me will fall in love with this place right away! Not many people knew this place, It was just me with my camera, and some graduating university students taking graduation pictures.

With my sleeves pull up, It's getting warmer during the afternoon. The sunlight shined on my face with my one eye closed. Sitting on one of the colored chair, I stopped talking to my inner self and trying to enjoy the moment.

10947223_381364655377487_1924783922322088293_n (1).jpg

  • 921 Earthquake Museum

There was a sign telling me to walk 1 min to get here, when I was 4, in 1999. The 7.3 earthquake conqured. The epicenter was the central of Taiwan. Lots of innocent souls were killed during the 921 Earthquake. Including this Guangfu Junior High School.

The Government "relived" this school and turned it into the museum to educate the new generation.

I was dismayed by the devestated buildings erected in front of me, However, the serious story behind us is now told by everyone and educated us the emergency measures we have to prepared during the earthquake.


Right next to the corner of this museum, a cozy coffee shop with French windows. There was nearly no customer. The European style with bicycle chairs as decoration. Forgot about the awkwardness, I was pleasantly suprised by the friendly attitude of the owner of this shop! Dufun Food Studio has noodles, pancakes, french toast, beers coffee and more! I ordered a chocolate milk!

After 6 months, I brought Camila and Kathy to enjoy this snug afternoon.The ample coaches and the pictures of the owner traveling around the world. We feel like...this is where we belong! It felt great with your friends having a meaningful talk about life.


Picture taken by Camila


After something sweet, it's time to please our "salty stomach"! We had our platable Taiwanese traditional dry noodles outside the village ( few mins walk away from the bus station.) The noodles were mixed with some special sauce that I had never tasted before! I will have to come back next time for sure!


Pictures taken by Camila

How to get there?

Taking buses from Taichung Train Station : 50, 59, 101, 107

Drop off at Guangfu Community Station


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