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Born and raised in Taichung City, Taiwan. I moved to the capital Taipei for studying university and to learn living by my own. I work part-time job in Pizza Hut during free times and being English tutor to little kids to earn my own money, being a 19 year old woman still asking for her parent's money has never feel right. 


Studying Journalism and Mass Communication at second year. Enjoying photography with my Nikon camera during my explorations. Never had planned anything when traveling, there's no end date, no itinerary, and no real backup plan. I found myself when getting lost in the middle of nowhere.























Since I was a kid, my family always enjoyed our travel within every weekends in different places in Taiwan. From then on, it inspired me to ENJOY the experiences during different journys. I am also obsessed with visul enjoyment. Art has been involed with my life since the first day of my drawing class in kindergarden. Taking pictures has also been my favorite part during the trips. Capturing Memories. 

I'm Alice, born and raised in Taiwan. 19 years old with the passion of exploring. Have been obsessed with art, music, history, photography. 

I found myself during the adventures. Enjoying being lost in the middle of nowhere.




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