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Tranquility with Sunset : Chiao Tou Beach in Tainan

Before heading to Tainan, all I expected was just only good food and historical buildings. However, with the friendly humanities, some new friends I just made introduced me to visit Chiao Tou Beach, which has the best sunset ever.

Chiao Tou Beach, with the combination of beach and the forest. White sand with mosses on, It was the closest beach to the city. It is on the coast side of Anping. I rented the electricity scooter and only spent around 5 mins from Anping to Chiao Tou Beach. The beach is famous for its daytime sunshine and the afternoon sunset. I went at the perfect time --- during the sunset.

With radiant sunset casts light upon the water, I sit there for a long long while just to finish the extravaganza right in front of me. Along with the breeze slowly swaying on my cheek, I had my best afternoon in Tainan.

This beach was the only place I found could naked swimming. There were barely no one and only found some lovely stray dogs as my company. Even on the weekends, only few families can be seen strolling along the coast line and enjoy the perfect family time.

Before getting to my destination, it was a tropical forest with an ample street. I didn't even expect this kind of scenery in Taiwan. Looking for perfect shells? You can easily grab a whole hand by just putting your hands in the water.


How to get there?

By bus : take the 99 all the way through Anping and get off on the south side of Sichao Bridge.

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