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Street ARTS Paradise : Hai'an Road and Shennong Road, Tainan

We didn't expect anything!

Talking about the place where you could meander over in the afternoon, surrounded by art intergrated with historical buildings. You can never miss Tainan. Artistic cafe, decorated hostels are everywhere in this oldest town.

Tainan, as the oldest city of the whole island. Tainan young people knew how to make it more interesting-visited. Local artists prefered this town rather than big city as Taipei. The

During March, I came to this city its renown best Taiwanese cuisines and its rich history with my good friend Floyd Town . After 4 months, I came back with Camila and Kathy. Renting an electricity scooter was what we could do. Buses were required as well. This was how we rocked the main street in Tainan.

A street named Hai'an Road, filled with creative bars and restaurants for night life culture. Moreover, the ample old wall with massive art piece could be seen everywhere. This city is not just about the history. It's about entralled by art, creativities and huminities.

Take the bus 5 or 8 from Tainan Train Station about 30 mins!

Next to Hai'an Road. Exploration took us to Shennong Road. The most reserved old street in Tainan, it was sparsly populated. Elaborated colored jambs, conspicious red lanterns with Chinese characters, vintage mail boxes with sticker decorated on. The street took me back time.

Some old men sitting inside the shop nodded their head with smiles on their cheeks. People were extremely friendly, you'll get some great help when you are looking for it. Some novel cafes were aside the street. A wonderful idea was to have a cup of tea inside during the laid-back afternoon. Don't you agree?

There's more to talk about. It was still freezingly cold during March. However, compare to Taipei and the other cities, Tainan did not dissapoint us. With perfect temperture, taking off the big coats, couldn't be better.

In the morning, me and Floyd, we chose to use our plenty of time to walk around Anping Road along the river. Without expectation, I saw what made me obsessed with --- Some eye-catching art streets.

You can also take buses 14, 88 to get there around 1.5 hour!

We were actually on our way to rent the scooter in Anping, so seems like "Everything is happened for a reason" is 100% true.

read more about Tainan > Immersed in the History of Tainan

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